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I offer Piano lessons for all ages.

All lessons include music interpretation, technique, training the ear, musicality and learning notation.

Lessons are normally £25 per hour, but can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

All tuition is held at my Studio in Winchcombe, Glos.

I also offer online teaching via Skype.

Personal Ethos

There is no doubt in my mind that when regular introspection and meditation is introduced into ones life, things begin to change.

Taking time to reflect and think about the true meaning of one's purpose in life, took me on a journey of self discovery that still continues today. This practice has not only influenced my creativity, but changed my whole approach to music and life.

Looking back, I can see and hear that over the course of 20 years and many albums, my production and playing technique completely changed in alignment with my inner work. It is a practice that has continued to inform my current work ethos.

I have come to believe that the practice and application of silence both internally and within music is beneficial in the nurturing of the self and the soul.

This reflective practice, I believe is a fundamental cornerstone in helping others to learn to play the piano.


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