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Andy Blissett

Pianist  |  Composer  |  Producer

Andy started playing the piano when he was 8 years old and after leaving the RAF as a musician in 1982 decided to pursue a career in music.

In 1994 he co- wrote a number 1 hit The Real Thing  with Toni di Bart closely followed by a second hit  Do it  which reached number 21.

In 1995 he was signed to EDEL Records and EMI Publishing with co-writing partner Lucinda Drayton and went on to create the album Suicidal Angel. This album included several singles - notably  I Said hey  which was A-listed by Radio One.

Between 1997-2006 Andy co-wrote and produced 7 albums with Lucinda under the band 'Bliss'.

Their seminal spiritual album  A Hundred Thousand Angels [2001]  still continues to be used by workshop leaders and meditators and is still played all over the world today.

This period of writing, also heralded a shift towards creating more subtle, conscious music - primarily being music that has a purpose and beauty - either for relaxation, meditation or to uplift the spirit.

In 2007 Andy created his first solo piano album After the Storm.

Between 2010-12 he was fortunate to have the opportunity to co-write with Tim Wheater and produce the album This Sacred Love.

In 2012 Andy graduated from Kingston University with M.Mus (Hons.).

Around 2014 he started working and touring with the Danish artist Sudha - extensively in Europe.

Recent collaborations include working on a 'live' album trilogy in 2017 with the German artist Praful, which proved to be a truly immersive and beautiful experience, with one album being created spontaneously from silence.


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